New School Captain 2022-23

Posted on: May 20th 2022School News


Congratulations to Zach F who has been named as the new MGS School Captain for 2022-2023. This is a wonderful opportunity for Zach who studies History, English, Philosophy and Mathematics, and hopes to pursue History beyond A-Levels.

Zach said: "I am honoured and humbled to have been appointed School Captain for the next year. As someone for whom MGS has always meant so much, it is an enormous privilege to be given the opportunity to give something back to this - our - community. I feel like I owe MGS a great deal. It has given me my closest friends, teachers who have instilled a love of learning for which I will forever be grateful, and memories to last a lifetime. It is a special place, far more than the sum of its parts: achieving impressive grades and a university offer doesn’t even begin to sum up the MGS experience.

"It is my passion for that experience that I am so excited to have the opportunity to ‘pass on’ to the next generation. Yes, MGS should be treasured and preserved, its unique quirks and distinct ease about itself something to be deeply proud of. Yet I believe MGS should also be a listening institution, dynamic and forward-looking. For it is the very education that MGS offers that fosters us to think critically, hold opinions and be able to defend them, and therefore push for change where we believe it would make a difference".

He concluded: "In my view, the officer team has an almost-unique opportunity to amplify the voices of all members of the school community, framing rigorous debate and hopefully culminating in meaningful improvement. And it is that process – listening, exchanging ideas, inspiring change, and ‘passing it on’ – that I pledge to focus on over the next year. Massive congratulations to everyone who has been appointed a School Officer for the year ahead. Team - I’m super-excited to get started!"

Well done Zach and we wish you and all the team the very best in your new roles!