Jesus Christ Superstar 2022

Posted on: July 6th 2022School News

JC Superstar 1

After multiple school events have been cancelled or amended due to the covid-19 pandemic, it has been fantastic to see the return of performances in the theatre by Junior and Senior pupils alike. To celebrate the renaming of the Cryne Theatre, pupils from the Senior School completed two performances of Jesus Christ Superstar. This was a full concert version of this popular rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, accompanied by a live orchestra and stunning lighting display.

School Captain for 2022-23, Zach Foster, commented on the performances: "Jesus Christ Superstar was a phenomenon of epic proportions. The singing was operatic, the music akin to the great rock bands of the late 70s, the lighting and sound putting many a Glastonbury set to shame. Indeed, it was impossible to come out of the newly named Cryne Theatre without a broad smile on your face, Andrew Lloyd Webber's harmonies still echoing around your head, as they would all the way home. Although the contrasting characterisations of Jesus (Toby J) and Judas (Oscar D) took centre stage, pitting harmony against conflict, piety against doubt, the entire cast were exceptional and the end product was certainly fitting to be the first play to anoint the newly-christened drama space that the school is so grateful to call its own".

He added: "Special thanks and gratitude has, of course, to be given to Mrs Butchart for her commendable drive and determination that the performance hit the stage. Being besmirched by Covid battles and challenges over dates, the fact that the production could be realised, in all its technicolour wonder, is a testament to the entire cast, band and technician staff. It was a enraptured conclusion to such a busy year - congratulations to everyone involved!"

Congratulations to everyone who performed and who was involved in the performances, including those from Manchester High School for Girls!

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