Year 7 pupil plays with Brescia orchestra

Posted on: September 26th 2022School News

Cameron Liu 1

Congratulations to year 7 pupil Cameron L who was invited to play with the Brescia Master orchestra. 

Cameron had previously performed at the concerto audition in Brescia, Italy in August during the school summer holidays. He was then invited back to play as a soloist with the orchestra, during which he played Mozart piano concerto No.9 in E flat major K271.

Cameron commented: "It was an amazing night! Playing with a professional orchestra is so cool, and it was a great honour for me to be invited back. This music camp was full of talented adult musicians, and majority of them were from the colleges, universities and music conservatories. 

"When I heard I was invited back, I was thrilled. I’ve always dreamed of playing as the soloist in an orchestra one day, it’s like a dream come true. I’m glad I stayed till the end of the concert even though I got up at 5:00am to catch the flight early in the morning. The concert finished at 11pm at night. The rest of the performers were so professional and they were truly extraordinary! I think the most valuable part of this trip wasn’t that I played in the concert, but from watching the concert it made me realise I’m still at the very beginning of my music journey. I was flattered to be given this opportunity. Huge gratitude to my piano teacher and the master orchestra! Many thanks to MGS for giving me great support."

Well done Cameron from everyone at MGS!

Cameron Liu 2 Cameron Liu 3