Maths pupil awarded Distinction in Junior Olympiad

Posted on: September 22nd 2022School News

William Zhuo Junior Maths Olympiad 2

Congratulations to current year 7 pupil William Z who has been awarded Distinction in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad. William sat the UK Maths Trust Junior Mathematical Challenge in the last academic year whilst he was in year 6. He was one of the 1200 qualifying students who was invited to take part in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad. This was a two-hour challenge consisting of 16 problems, and it is testament to William’s hard work that he was awarded Distinction.

William commented on his experiences: "The Junior Mathematical Olympiad is challenging, but in my opinion it’s quite fun! The experience gives you opportunities to practise your math skills and test your problem-solving skills to the limit! Challenges like these really spark my interest, as they ask you to think in different ways instead of just calculating.

"I like maths because of its problem-solving, practical use, and simple complexity. I get inspired by great scientists and mathematicians, like Sir Isaac Newton developing calculus, the foundation of modern mathematics and science! I am especially interested in Einstein’s relativity theory, and how it doesn’t seem to coexist with quantum mechanics".

He added: "Thank you to Mrs Ward, Mrs Grundy, and other MGS teachers, I have taken on the challenge of taking part in the Junior Math Challenge (since Year 4) and the Junior Math Olympiad. Special thanks to Mr McMillan for the extra help in the Olympiad!

"MGS provides a unique learning atmosphere: I am always surrounded by people who have interests in maths and science, just as I do! This environment has helped me expand my knowledge and enthusiasm academically, and make great friends along the way! Since Year 3, I have enjoyed, thrived, and learned in this great environment!"

Well done William!


William Zhuo Junior Maths Olympiad 1