Year 10 pupil swimmer aiming high

Posted on: November 24th 2022School News

Swim photo Jae Den Lim yr10

Well done to year 10 pupil Jae who has been working hard at his swimming club and is training in the hope to reach Nationals in the upcoming swimming season.

Jae commented: "My dad taught me to swim when I was five years old, teaching me how to swim front crawl. I joined Stretford Swimming club at the age of eight years old, where I learned to swim all the different strokes. I swam once every Sunday and enjoyed training and making new friends. During my second year of swimming, I actually got less interested in the sport. This was until my first gala, which was at Wigan, where my passion for the sport really took off. I thoroughly enjoyed racing other people and getting new personal best times. After this gala, I trained increasingly more and was subsequently rewarded with personal best times and medals. What I love most about racing are the improvements and progress as a result from all the hard work I invest in weekly. In 2018, I experienced my first high level meet: Counties.

"At the young age of 11, I reached my first county final and raced against some of the fastest people in the country. As of today, I have been to multiple swim camps at different destinations including one overseas at Torremolinos, Spain in 2019. This year has been my best swimming year by far. For the first time, I qualified for Regionals. I am proud to have achieved regional level and established myself on the British rankings system. In the near future, I hope to medal at Counties, Regionals and perhaps even Nationals.”

Well done Jae and best of luck for your swimming in the future!