Year 12 pupils excel in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Posted on: July 4th 2023School News

Nathan Loh and Toby Knight

Congratulations to two year 12 pupils Nathan and Toby who recently participated in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge competition and who have received the top Roentgenium Award.

This competition consists of a 90 minute written paper, is run by the university and aims to stretch pupils who are interested in Chemistry, and has been set by a team of teachers and university chemists. To recognise this outstanding achievement, they have been invited to a residential camp at Cambridge University at the start of September.

Nathan commented on his experiences: “Having done preparation for the paper in weekly after school sessions since March, as well as some practise in our own time, I would say that we both felt quite confident going into the competition. Of course, I didn’t expect to make the very slim cut for the highest award, and I thought it unrealistic to hope to achieve something like that, so I was overjoyed when I found that both me and my friend Toby had been invited to the summer camp in Cambridge. It’s an incredible opportunity for us, especially considering that both of us are looking to apply to Cambridge University”.

This is a truly wonderful achievement and both pupils should be very proud!