Year 12 pupil wins 1st place at International Music Competition

Posted on: June 23rd 2023School News

Vibhav Sugumar

Congratulations to year 12 pupil Vibhav who has won the 'first prize' at the online UK International Music competition in the young artist category (age 14-17), playing the classical guitar. He also achieved the special expressive prize given to candidates who 'demonstrated exceptional sensitivity and emotional depth in musical performances'

Vibhav commented on his experiences: “The UK International Music Competition is an online music festival with the goal of providing opportunities to upcoming and already established musicians from around the world. This gives an excellent platform to showcase various skills in musical performance. There are various categories that are looked at in every piece performed. I am very grateful to be awarded the Expressive Performance special prize along with the First prize.  I love to be fully immersed in the music I play, portraying the emotions that the music entails.

“I am also delighted to be invited to the National Youth Guitar Ensemble. As guitar is a non-orchestral instrument, it can be difficult to gain experience in ensemble playing. At MGS, I have played in guitar ensembles which has been so rewarding that it encouraged me to seek out further experiences. I was selected after audition process to join the NYE group. I am looking forward to play within a large ensemble which will expose me to new playing styles, techniques and musical perspectives. MGS has given me experience to hone my musical aptitude with so many opportunities to perform and improve over the years. I am immensely grateful to my teachers and the music department”.

Well done Vibhav!