Music Maestro Mason

Posted on: May 9th 2022School News

Mason Wang 2

Congratulations to year 8 pupil Mason who has been awarded high Distinction marks for both Grade 8 Violin and Piano this year, which demonstrates his commitment to music alongside his academic study at MGS!

Mason commented: "I started experiencing music when I was 4 and I started learning the piano. After a year of piano lessons, music became a hobby and I decided to learn another instrument. One of my friends when I was young played the violin and I loved the sound of it so I chose to begin learning the violin. Over the years, me and my family have moved through different countries and experienced music in different places and my passion for music grew".

He added: "To be able to improve my skill as a player, I had to practise at least once a day and though it was hard work, my passion for music kept on pushing me forward as well as the support of my family, teachers and peers. This year, I achieved Grade 8 distinction in both piano and violin and I would like to thank my instrumental and aural teachers for their help throughout my musical journey. My goals for the future are to keep on improving and exploring my hobbies."

Well done Mason and keep up the hard work! 

Mason Wang 1