Business Class with Nigel Pocklington

Posted on: November 10th 2022School News

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Thank you to OM Nigel Pocklington (82-89) who was the first speaker to feature in the MGS Business Class series which has resumed, after the hiatus caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Nigel is the Chief Executive of good Energy, the UK's greenest energy supplier and a leading player in helping homes and businesses cut carbon from their energy and transport. The company uses energy supplied by wind, solar and anaerobic digestion tanks.

Nigel holds an MA and M.Phil from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD. He spoke about the importance of a sustainable future and was interviewed by year 13 pupil Oliver who is studying Geography, History and Mathematics.

The event was well attended by pupils, staff and parents from MGS, Manchester High School for Girls and Withington Girls' School.

Oliver spoke about his experiences: "As a prospective geography undergraduate student, the opportunity to interview a leading energy sector CEO is not one that I took for granted. We discussed Mr Pocklington’s current endeavours with his role at Good Energy, including the implementation of feed-in-tariffs, whereby, rewarding people financially for excess energy that they generate sustainably. Perhaps most interestingly, we talked about the future of sustainable energy in the United Kingdom, the impact of Ukraine and the nuclear question. Which, as a geographer, I found fascinating. Furthermore, his role as chairman of the electric vehicle mapping app “Zap Map” was a topic of interest. We spoke around the implementation of necessary infastructure to support a 100% electric vehicle grid as well as the challenges that lie ahead for supporting the increased demand in energy.

"I am sure I speak for all who attended, when I say we were extremely grateful to Nigel for giving us his time to speak to a crowd of not only Manchester Grammar School students but Manchester High School and Withington Girls' School as well. I look forward to attending future MGS Business Class events and would strongly encourage others to attend if they had the chance. It is brilliant that the school is able to bring in such high-profile speakers for an academically stimulating talk that was intriguing and relevant for all".

Thank you to Nigel for his insightful talk and to everyone who attended; we look forward to the next in the series coming soon!

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