Year 7 pupil excelling in Lacrosse

Posted on: June 16th 2023School News

Freddie Foulkes 2

Well done to year 7 pupil Freddie who has had a successful season playing for Heaton Mersey Lacrosse Club Under 12s. The team won both the league and the Onondaga Cup and were undefeated in the 2022-2023 season.

Lacrosse is a game that originates with the indigenous people of North America. Traditional lacrosse games could involve hundreds of men from opposing villages or tribes playing across several miles with wooden balls and sticks with nets woven from deerskin. It was a sacred game to please their Creator.

European missionaries adopted and adapted the game in North America and brought it to England in 1876. Men’s lacrosse is a contact sport and requires a helmet and protective body armour.

Under 12 boys play for the Onondaga Cup, named after the Onondaga Nation which is a native American community in what is now New York State.

Freddie said, "I have enjoyed my Lacrosse this season a lot. My team has seen great success as we won both our league and our cup, as well as two tournaments, all while going undefeated in all of our matches. I was also recently selected for a Lacrosse tour to America in the summer of 2024 after we host an American team this summer. I enjoy Lacrosse because of how it is played, but also its rich history. It is a fast paced, exciting and physical sport with high scoring matches. I also love to learn about Lacrosse's amazing roots in native American tribes. Next season, my team will move up to the U14 age group, which will present more of a challenge than this season. I am looking forward to seeing how our season plays out in a much tougher age group."

Well done Freddie and good luck!